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Anthony Gruppuso in Adams Family The Musical

Classic Couples Counseling

“The MacBeths, played by the deliciously imposing Barbara Malloryalong with the hilariously squinty-eyed and maritally earnest, Anthony Gruppuso
The L.A. Beat – Jennifer K. Hugus

The Face Behind The Face, Behind The Face

“…THE FACE, Behind The Face, behind the face makes abundantly clear, he’s got what it takes to keep an audience thoroughly entertained just Him, Himself, And He in this tasty Thanksgiving weekend treat.” – STAGE Scene LA

The Immigrant

 “Gruppuso has the toughest role vocally, Milton somehow ending up with the most dissonant of Alper’s melodies, but he proves himself more than up to the challenge, and as this grumpy yet compassionate man grows weaker and more stubborn with age, so does Gruppuso’s performance grow in power and depth.” Stage Scene L.A. Steven Stanley

 “The Perrys are given warm, patient, understanding personalities by Anthony Gruppuso and Cheryl David. Gruppuso has a natural onstage physicality, so Milton’s aging is shockingly realistic.” Dany Margolies Backstage West , Arts in L.A.

Something for the Boy’s

 “Anthony Gruppuso (Lt. Col. Grubbs) brought zeal, zest and zip to the proceedings.”
– Carol Jean Delmar Opera Theatre Ink


Waiting for Lefty at Theatre West

“The vignettes are gripping and filled with pathos and elicit an emotional response from the audience.  As does Anthony Gruppuso, who plays Harry Fatt, the representative from Management.  If anyone can steal this excellent show, Gruppuso does.  He is a fireball, charging all over the stage, one moment cajoling, another shouting disputations, getting into a fistfight, and holding back the union’s decision to strike.  He is everywhere at once, and if the audience had been provided with eggs, he’s the one they would have bombarded.”

Cynthia Citron, LA Theater Examiner

“Anthony Gruppuso was dauntingly despicable as the corrupt company union leader.”

Tolucan Times
Pat Taylor

“Acting kudos go to Anthony Gruppuso as the blustery union boss Harry Fatt.”

by George Oakley


The Fantasticks

“This production, so many years later, time-warped me right back there and into teary nostalgia as the Narrator, El Gallo (Anthony Gruppuso), opened the play singing the bittersweet classic “Try to Remember.” His sweet tenor tugged on my heartstrings and made my skin tingle.”

Flavia Potenza

“Gruppuso’s El Gallo manipulates the plot and its players with roguish poise and aplomb. His voice can be sweet but adapts startlingly well to the bawdy song, “Rape,” sung with the fathers as they decide which abduction style to select.”


The princess and the frog

“The musical’s closing number is a little ditty nicely sung by Anthony Gruppuso, called ‘Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep.’)”

By Steven Leigh Morris Thursday, Jan 7 2010 LA Weekly


Jack and the Beanstalk

This extraordinary troupe exemplifies this truth, setting the bar most high. Melanie Wahla as Puck (alternating with Caitlin Gallogly), Jason Galloway as Jack (alternating with Adam Conger), Barbara Mallory Schwartz as Jack’s mother, and Anthony Gruppuso as Giant all give portrayals that exude joy and élan.”

Ben Miles for ShowMag