Anthony Gruppuso

Actor, Singer, Performer in Los Angeles, California


Anthony Gruppuso Singing

The Babies

The Babies

Potty Trained

I Wanna Be Special

Cutting Remarks

The Way Things Are

Count of Monti Cristo

The Judge

Sherwood Forest

Bow and Arrow




God of Man

The Sicilian Bachelor

Continental Air


The Cards Are on The Table


HMS Headwind

Seafaring Weather



Someday You Wake Up



If I Sing


Baby Song & Temporary




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  1. Georgette Felicciardi Mungay

    October 13, 2016 at 2:35 am

    Anthony, I Loved it All….but, especially MaMa! Best of Luck to you. I keeping telling Joanne, she and Vinny need to come and see your play.

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